I wanna introduce so nice JAPANESE FOODS such as SUSHI, RAMEN, RICE BOWL with FRESH FISH for your lunch time!

Hi there! Otaru is the town alongside the ocean in Hokkaido, so it’s famous for so fresh seafood. There is the street that a ton of sushi restaurants gathers. It’s called “ Otaru Sushi ya Douri” in Japanese. It means “Otaru Sushi Restaurants Street”.

I wanna introduce for you so nice restaurants and food shops that you can visit easily. Because those sushi restaurants are expensive.


There are a lot of restaurants that you eat nice food by low price near the canal.

At first, you go to seaside of central street in front of Otaru Station. And then, turn right the intersection near the Canal. After you will go through the street, you can see the building(Denuki Kouji) like the picture below. In southern area in this place, you can find so nice yummy foods by low price.

There are restaurants for eating tempura, bowl with fresh seafood and bowl with steak in Denuki Kouji.

I drew the place that conveyor belt sushi restaurants and Canal Cafeteria gathers in the map by orange color.

You can confirm around the place by zoom or moving.

It’s convenient to go to the place after you enjoyed walking around such as Otaru Glass museum(大正硝子館) and Candle Farm(キャンドル工房). They are at the upper left of orange part in the map.

There are sightseeing spots and food shops in Denuki Kouji.

The above picture is in front of “Denuki Kouji”. You can see the big ice cream on top of the half melon on the signboard. It’s called “Santa no hige” it means “mustache of Santa”. Also you can see the bowl with a ton of fresh fish. It’s called “Kaisen Syokudou”. It means “ Cafeteria for fresh seafood”.

In the above picture, you can see the signboard written “カニ屋の水産会社直営” in Japanese. It’s for the crab restaurant.

you can enjoy eating a bowl with a ton of salmon roe and sea urchins! Or a bowl with only sea urchins! Sea urchins and salmon roe is very popular to eat in Japan! So I hope that you will like it! And it’s unbelievable for people love eating sea urchins!

The above picture is the shop called “Otaru Narutoya”, and there is picture of hen on the shop curtain.

There is a so big Karaage(Japanese fried chicken).it’s called “Ganso Wakadori Hanmiage”. And also you can enjoy eating a ton of kind chicken foods at here.

Otaru Unga Syokudo(Otaru Canal Cafeteria) has ramen and bowl with fresh seafood.

There are a lot of buildings made from bricks near the Canal. One of them is Otaru unga Syokudo(Otaru Canal Cafeteria).you can see the above picture. You can confirm the place of it by following map.(this map is same as the above map and it is enlarged)

There is the intersection near the Denuki Kouji. From this intersection, you go through the bridge on the Canal, and then you can see it. You can expect so nice food at there because there is a signboard written “you can enjoy eating foods in Otaru.”in Japanese.

There are some restaurants in the cafeteria, so you can enjoy eating so nice foods such as ramen, sushi, bowl with fresh seafoods.

Conveyor belt sushi Waraku. 和楽

We visited this restaurant called “Waraku” on August, 2018 and this restaurant has three chain stores in Japan. Actually all of three stores are in Sapporo City and another one is in Otaru.

About the spot, you go straight to northern east on the street from Denuki Kouji and then you can see it. You can confirm it on the following map.

Atmosphere in the Waraku

Waraku has a big parking lot and there are a lot of seats in the restaurant. So in my opinion, we don’t have to queue for a long time.

Very yummy fresh sushi

The above picture is about tuna. It’s about 180yen. Tuna is pretty popular fish among Japanese.

The tuna is pretty soft and it’s like tuna melt in my mouth. I really recommend it.

Next one is Negitoro, it’s also about 180yen. Negitoro is kinda of tuna.

Negitoro has also a ton of sushi topping on a sushi rice! I could feel the heaven in my mouth!Lol

Other sushi toppings are also pretty good and so fresh than Osaka and Tokyo, you can enjoy eating them by same price in Osaka and Tokyo.

shops for only Kamaboko ,Kamaei. (Kamaboko is made from fish)

The above picture is about the shop for only Kamaboko called “Kamaei”. It’s pretty near the Waraku, it’s available to see inside the factory because of the factory direct sales.

Please check up opening hours, introduction of goods and holidays of seeing the factory by formal site of Kamaei (Japanese).

The above picture is about the shop counter. There are breads including Kamaboko, Cheese with Chikuwa(it’s also kinda of Kamaboko) and etc. You can enjoy eating a lot of kind Kamaboko.

If you stay at a hotel, it may be better to take away because there are few seats in the shop.

Please confirm the place in the following map.


I recommend you to walk around the area because there are a lot of restaurants and food shops such as 廻転ずしとっぴー and牛角